The lone fisherman Sir Timothy Wajvoda made a picturesque scene as he is silhouetted by the setting sun on a quite Saturday afternoon in the outskirts of a marsh in southern Bangladesh.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Final Adventure and Farwell

Hello Fans, Followers, and Supporters,

This is Sir Timothy's closet PR agent and Friend Ronald M. Cunningham.

As you may have heard in global newspapers and news channels, Sir Timothy was found dead in the Sarawak providence in Borneo. His body washed up on shores of the Rajang River system. His lifeless corpse was frozen with rigor mortis still holding his signature Penn International VSX rod/reel Combo. "No other rod," Sir Timothy said, "can compete with the drag of the Penn International VSX rod/reel Combo."

The world lost a hero. Sir Timothy's ambition and reckless fishing techniques led him to the top...and tragically led him to his downfall.

As Sir Timothy would say, "Fish On " ~ Your Friend Sir Timothy Wajvoda

Sir Timothy 

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