The lone fisherman Sir Timothy Wajvoda made a picturesque scene as he is silhouetted by the setting sun on a quite Saturday afternoon in the outskirts of a marsh in southern Bangladesh.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bangladesh Territory

Bangladesh Territory Travel Summary

I have decided to put my angling skills to the test of all test, Bangladesh. There are nearly 164 million inhabitants of this 147,570 squared kilometer landmass. Although only 6.6% of Bangladesh is water in liquid form, I have heard many tales from this part of the world. So I leave to Bangladesh hoping to conquer any local beasts.

I set sail out of Faridpur and I start my amazing angling adventure.

Me and the boat I had used to go to the marsh
I slid my boat right ashore by a largely overgrown field then the experience takes a weird turn.

The infamous Bangladesh Marsh (morning hours)
Running and stumbling across a neglected field next to the infamous marsh, frantic with fright, I repeatedly look behind me. Although my senses tell me that something is amiss, I can see nor hear nothing in this murky, dark evening except the singing of crickets and local tribes chanting. Perhaps I should have stayed on rickety fishing boat , instead of taking a short cut across this field towards the parlous marsh I see in the distance.

Earlier, I communicated with local indigenous peoples, they spoke of un-fished waters because after years of fishing there had been not a single fishing vessel to return. Yet, something had bumped against my brain several times. Something made me feel like I could be the one to return safely home from a fishing journey. My determination and my sense of fear escalated as the sky darkened, welcoming the approaching night.

Finally, I could no longer just sit there thinking of impending doom. With all the courage that I could muster, I opened up to the marsh and started running the boat as fast as I could towards the local legend. Thinking, perhaps I'd strike some fish gold there, conquering whoever or whatever was frightening the locals away from the marsh.

With a new boat I am sitting at the fishing spot, it seems that the longer I wait for a bite, the farther away that legend of a mystical monster appears to be. I hear a loud crack in the tall grass, it had to be a fish gasping for air gasping for breath as I run my line across the area. Avoiding thick brush, I am unmindful of the fallen tree limbs in the marsh possible of causing my line to snag. I do not see the fish grab my line, I only feel the sharp pain as fish juddered the pole and wretched my wrists. Howling in agony, I fall face down upon the floor of the boat, biting my lip. I can taste the anger and the warm blood dripping from the gash that my teeth have made.
Picture I took myself of one of my broken wrists
Alarmed, I am now aware of an eerie beast looming directly in front of me. Its form, a twisted, swaying silhouette, dances an entrancing minuet as it burst through the water’s surface. The beast raced toward me with my rod and line following, resenting and beckoning, as if beseeching my embrace.

A most horrid sense of dread has now taken hold of me, squeezing my broken wrists. My throat is a spit-less dry desert, my body, damp and limp, watching upon this unstable boat. Tears merge with mucus from my nostrils and flow down onto my bloody lips and chin.

Something gleams in this evening's mist and I see flashes of white teeth and strange inhuman, glowing eyes. An unfamiliar and powerful odor has infused this night's air. It seems that this odor is having a hypnotic affect upon me. I barely hear the low growls and snarls as I wonder if I'm imagining this, if this is illusion or reality.

Me at night with the bait I am using to catch this huge fish creature
I suddenly have my answer, as low rumbling thunder is accompanied by lightning flashes that light up this dismal landscape. My fears are validated! I see it! I am frozen with fright, realizing I have been stalked and encircled by this unknown evil. In this split second, my mind's perception of reality changes! Yet, it refuses to comprehend this sight. It refuses to categorize this evil that has surrounded me! I mentally "lose it" momentarily.

I realize somewhere within my confused mind, that there is a large machete in my boat. I try to stand in the wobbling boat, the pain is excruciating! I fall again as an icy cold numbness spreads throughout my arms. I have been stalked by unknown fiends that now hover around me. They wait for what, I do not know, possibly to taste human once again, if the legends are true.

Pain surges through my arm, accompanied by shortness of breath and dizziness, and yet, I clearly understand that these alarming signals confirm that this night's evil will not win. It can only pray that I finish it before it is our meal. With the rusty machete I glance over the portside of the boat. I mustered up any strength I had left and held that rusty machete with my hands, broken wrists numb and pain gone. I glance at the water and I slice through the surface when I see the dorsal fin peek out of the still water. Blood spewed out of the beast leaving a red trail to follow.
Fish's blood on my machete

About 4 kilometers later of traveling through thick brushes and fallen trees I met up with the beast. Could these Bangladesh be true? Can this mutant fish actually cause several locals to never return home?
The boat slowing prowls through the water and the fish is still alive but not moving. I grab my Ningbo Longkai Import & Export Co.,Ltd. dip net, one of many dip nets in my arsenal. Unfortunately this colossal fish was too heavy for my Ningbo Linkai Import & Export Co., Ltd. dip net. I dragged the beast 5 more kilometers in the Ningbo Linkai Import & Export Co., Ltd. dip net until the boat cracked through fresh sand on the shore of the river that outlets from the marsh.

This fish was a beauty. I manager to get the beast out of the water enough to notice the huge slice I provided to its side. This fish is truly a behemoth of the marsh. Weighing in at about 105.7 kilograms, this fish is a truly disgusting mutant. What a fish! 

Bangladesh Man Eating Catfish (Female)

The 3 hour trip back to the village is started from made it clear that this fierce fighter of a fish took me 2 hours further away from the village. If something were to happen to me I would most likely fall victim to this fish. I think that this fish is the reason for all the disappearing indigenous fishermen. 

I bring the fish back to the village and there is an uproar of cheers and chats coming from the locals. This is what it is all about. Giving the locals warning of what is in their marsh and now providing them with a feast, not to mention giving them some sort of horrific closure to what happened to their missing fishermen. 

I now travel via airplane to my next adventure. 

View of me traveling to my next adventure
To my fans and supporters

“Fish On! “ ~ Your Friend Sir Timothy Wajvoda

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